Clearing, Grounding & Protecting

A Course on Energetic Wellness

        In this class you will learn a number of simple, easy to use techniques intended to help you clear, ground and protect your energy on a daily basis. Whether you are a health practitioner, a stay at home mom or an individual interested in expanding your spiritual awareness, this class is an absolute must! I believe that protecting yourself from psychic attack or the negativity of others, cleansing your spirit of old debris or heaviness, and learning to ground or “get out of your head” are all essential components to leading a healthier, happier life.

        In this class you will learn how to use positive visualizations, meditations, burning ceremonies and more to raise your energetic vibration. Stop being the victim of your own thoughts and feelings, or of those of others, and take charge of your own wellbeing! Together we will learn how easy it is to clear, ground and protect your energy!

Cost: $85 (Plus GST)

*** Can’t find a class that fits your schedule?  Private classes are also available!  Contact me at for further information!