Empowered Healing Mentorship Program

An Empowering 6-Month Program Devoted to Healing Mind, Body & Soul.

        The Empowered Healing Mentorship Program is a unique 6 month program designed to teach you how to facilitate your own healing. In working one-on-one with you, it is my goal to provide the tools and techniques you need to feel empowered in making positive healing choices every day, and to teach these in a safe, supported, and healing environment.  I will also include the healing sessions necessary to initiate and support the healing process.  

        It is my firm belief that healing is a lifestyle and not simply an isolated event.  The choices we make every day, both big and small, shape our reality and impact our long-term health. This is an opportunity to learn what it takes to maintain your health and move forward in life with an open heart.

        This is a two part program combining both learning and supported healing to set you up for ultimate success. Topics of instruction include (but are not limited to): 

  • Class 1:  Energy; what it is, how it works and how it can change.
  • Class 2:  Energetic clearing, grounding, protection techniques and methods to expand intuition. 
  • Class 3:  Reiki level 1 Certification (a focus on self healing techniques).
  • Class 4:  Forgiveness techniques and how to open the heart center.
  • Class 5:  Belief re-patterning and manifestation techniques.
  • Class 6:  A review of key concepts and techniques.

The healing sessions to compliment your learning include:

  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Soul Retrievals
  • Drumming for your personal power animal
  • Guided meditations
  • 1 full hour of Reiki per class 

    Together we shall work to build a solid foundation of self healing which will enable you to face life’s obstacles with greater ease and stronger resolve.  We may not have control over all that happens in our lives, however we can control how we respond to the challenges we face.  By utilizing certain techniques and simply choosing a life of peace you can empower yourself once again and take back your life!!


The investment: $2000.00 (Plus GST)

* This includes six one-on-one tutorials, healing sessions, and all required reading materials/supplies.  A $200.00 deposit is mandatory.  Students will be required to complete monthly reading assignments and any other homework issued during class.  A Monthly payment plan is available.  For more information contact Heather at heather.orton.info@gmail.com or 403-703-6092.