Psychic Development

Have you ever wanted to learn how to develop and strengthen your intuition?  If so, this is the class for you!  Learn to enhance your own natural gifts!

        There are four main ways to receive messages, clairvoyance (“clear seeing”), clairaudience (“clear hearing), clairsentience (“clear feeling”), and finally claircognizance (“clear knowing”).  This class will help an individual identify which of the four gifts is dominant to them and will provide exercises that will help to strengthen and enhance this gift.  We will practice many different ways of giving readings and how best to “download” information from source.  Just some of the topics covered in the class include meditations, oracle cards, psychometry, working with crystals, reading auras, connecting to spirit guides and more!

        This is a really fun, day long class for levels!  Check the calendar for upcoming classes!  

Cost: $150 (Plus GST)

**Have a group of friends or coworkers interested in spending a fun filled day or evening together?  Call now and book your class now!  Classes can be tailored to fit your schedule and time frame!  For more details call 403-703-6092 or email me at