An experience that will leave you with a deep sense of inner peace!  Heal inside and out with this beautiful modality!

What Is Reiki and How Does It Work?

        Reiki is one of my favourite modalities!  It is a loving form of energy healing which allows the body to begin the healing process on a physical, mental, emotional AND spiritual level.  The word “Reiki” translates to mean ‘universal life force energy’ and is used to describe a method whereby a practitioner is able to harness healing life energy and pass it along to someone else.  Reiki is not a form of manipulation, but rather the gentle laying on of hands.  Individuals may feel the reiki energy on a physical level as heat, tingling, pulsating, or coolness.   The life energy that is passed from practitioner to client balances the chakras (major energy centres along the body that directly influence our physical health) and releases blockages within the body that may lead to, or have already manifested into illness.  

        The human body, like everything else around us, is made up of energy which continually flows and shifts.  In a healthy body, the energy is able to flow freely without restriction.  However when a problem or stressor arises in any one of the four states (mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical) our energetic flow becomes restricted, blockages are formed, and an imbalance is created.  If these blockages are not released and we remain imbalanced, our energy can become stagnant and thus result in the formation of illness or disease.   

        One of the most important things about this form of healing is that it looks at the ‘whole’ picture.  Our emotions and mental state play such an important role in our health, and are most often the true root cause behind a physical ailment.  Reiki energy is very loving and helps to bring harmony to all levels of the body so that the healing process may begin.  The energy is able to flow directly to the core of a problem and work on the entire issue, not just the symptom.  Reiki changed my own life by giving me back my health and I have seen its healing power assist countless numbers of clients.  All that is required is an open mind and an open heart!  


What Does A Typical Session Look Like?

        A Reiki session typically lasts for one hour but can extend up to two hours depending upon the circumstances.  The recipient remains fully clothed and is asked to lie on a massage table under or over the covers, depending upon their comfort level.  Clothing should be loose and unrestrictive and jewellery may need to be removed.

        During my reiki sessions I like to use the healing properties of crystals to help enhance the overall healing benefits.  Each crystal has its own energetic frequency and can be used to strengthen and balance corresponding chakras and weakened areas of the body.  The crystals may be placed directly on or around the body.

        It is important to drink plenty of water after a treatment, as this will aid in the cleansing process and the removal of toxins from the body.  It is also normal to experience an “emotional release” during and/or after a session.  This is just an energetic block working itself out, so be kind to yourself and allow your body the time it needs to process the experience!


What Can Reiki Do For Me?

  • Harmonize the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional levels of one’s being
  • Facilitate and accelerate the healing process on all levels
  • Heal the root of a problem rather than the symptom
  • Balance the functions of organs and glands
  • Clear the body of toxins and impurities
  • Address both acute and chronic conditions
  • Release stress and reduce pain
  • Address sleeping disorders
  • Support the immune system/increase resistance to illness
  • Revitalize and energize the body
  • Release suppressed feelings/emotions
  • Help one to cope with the loss of a loved one, or with the dying process
  • Improve mental clarity and focus
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance other medical treatments
  • Help one to feel empowered rather than helpless
  • Promotes compassion, wholeness, loving, trusting peace and serenity


Can Reiki Be Used In Combination With Other Therapies?

        Reiki is a supportive compliment to other forms of health care (traditional or non traditional) and is completely safe to use in combination with other therapies.  Because of its loving nature, reiki energy works towards the greater good, meaning it can do no harm.  Reiki energy is not sent from the practitioner to the client, but rather the client draws the required amount of energy from the practitioner.  This means that the client will only receive as much or as little healing energy as is necessary.  Also because this life energy balances and harmonizes the functions of the body, it often enhances other medical treatments.  Medications are more easily accepted and utilized by the body and side effects are lessened.        


How Often Should I Come For A Session?

        The answer to this question depends greatly on the severity of the issue being addressed.  In more serious cases it is beneficial to receive a treatment every week to two weeks.  If the treatment is meant for general health maintenance or is being used for preventative measures once a month can be sufficient.


Does Reiki Follow A Specific Religion?

        No.  Reiki is not a religious practice; it simply focuses on the universal life force energy flowing through us all and promotes a state of ‘wholeness’.


A Brief Look At The History

         Reiki is an ancient healing technique originating from Tibet, brought back into use by Dr Mikao Usui in the 19th century.  Mikao Usui was born in Japan on August 15 1865 and at the age of four began to study Buddhism.  He was fond of reading and acquiring knowledge on many subjects including medicine, history, psychology and world religions.  He became a learned scholar and Buddhist Priest.  One day one of his students asked him how it was possible for Jesus and Buddha to heal the way they did, and if they were going to be taught how to heal.  Usui had no healing techniques to teach his students so from that day forward he dedicated his life to the discovery of how individuals like Jesus and Buddha were able to heal. 

        After many years of searching through scriptures and sacred texts, Usui’s journey brought him to a Zen Buddhist monastery.  The Abbot there advised Usui to undergo “shyu gyo’ a strict discipline involving meditation and fasting for 21 days.  On Mt. Kurama, Mikao Usui began the search for enlightenment, and on the 21st day he experienced “a great Reiki over his head.”  Light struck the center of his forehead and a state of expanded consciousness occurred.  He saw many small bubbles of rainbow colored light in front of him and familiar symbols from the Sanskrit sutras.  The application of the symbols became clear to him and he felt charged with a powerful healing force.

        As Usui descended the mountain 3 miracles occurred.  In his haste to get to the bottom of the mountain Usui stubbed his toe badly.  When he grabbed his toe he realized the pain was gone, the bleeding had stopped and it was healed.  When he made it to the base of the mountain there was a little girl suffering from a toothache.  He cupped the little girls face in his hands and miraculously her pain was gone.  Later he went to visit his friend the Abbot who suffered greatly from arthritis.  By laying his hands upon his friend the arthritis was gone.  Usui realized he had finally discovered the healing power he had been searching for.  

        Usui opened many clinics and began to teach others how to use this wonderful gift.  He died in 1926 after initiating 17 teachers in the method of Usui Reiki.  Today there are many forms and variation of reiki being taught, and as a result, the healing effects are being felt all over the world.    


The Principles of Reiki

Just for today do not worry.

Just for today do not be angry or anger another.

Honour your parents, teachers and elders.

Earn you living honestly.

Awake with joy in your heart and give thanks for all that comes to you.