Usui Reiki Level 1  

Open your heart to love and discover your own innate power to heal…

        In the first level of Usui Reiki we will learn the basics of this healing art.  We will discuss Reiki’s rich history, how this healing method can be used in everyday life, when it is safe to use, the basic hand positions for healing others and for healing yourself, and what this powerful modality can do.  The most important thing that student will walk away from this course with, is the knowledge of how to heal ones self.  This class will provide the individual with the tools they need to raise their own spiritual vibration which will assist them in becoming an open, balanced channel for the Reiki energy and prepare them for the Reiki 2 class. 

        This is a fun hands-on course usually conducted over one evening and an entire day, 9 hrs in total.  A certificate will be issued on completion of the class.

        This is a great course for those interested in learning techniques on how to heal yourself and/or family members and friends.  I highly recommend this course to any and everyone interested in improving their quality of life!  Be sure to check the calendar for the next upcoming class!

Cost:  $200 (plus GST)

*** Can’t find a Reiki class that fits your schedule?  Private classes are also available!  Contact me at for further information!