"I first found Heather at a spectacularly chaotic time in my life...in a short three years I had lost a pregnancy, then my grandma, then struggled through nine months of post partum depression and then lost my aunt...needless to say I was shaken and felt that I had become so badly scarred and so deeply saddened that the days of just feeling peace and joy were gone...like feeling "whole" was gone.

And then? Heather. 

Heather is pure compassion and an exceptional healer. She has worked with me using both reiki and shamanic journeys and there aren't even words to describe how powerful her services are...it's as though she gathered up all of those pieces of my broken heart and put them back together.

I will be forever grateful to Heather for the work she does.” 

- K Klassen


"The Day I met Heather Orton I knew my life would be changed forever!!! I was in search of a Reiki Master who I would connect with on every level and Heather was that person. I now have my level 2 Reiki and I know that through Heathers amazing Guidance & Power that my spirit will continue to Learn, Grow, Heal and Enlighten"

- D.R. Dubbin


As you can appreciate from the testimonial detailed below, I have gained much from Heather’s spiritual and healing gifts. I am grateful to experience the benefits of her extensive metaphysical education and highly recommend Heather Orton Wholistics.

I have been a client of Heather’s since 2009. At this point in time, I was emotionally stressed – dealing with deep grief over the sudden death of a loved one, combined with worrying about financial / family challenges. My first session was a Reiki massage followed by an Angel Card reading. I was amazed at the benefits from Reiki and the reading, both of which were complimented by Heather’s compassion and insights. My healing journey began that day.

I have participated in courses for meditation, angelic realms, grounding, manifestation, etc. These courses have resulted in strengthening my awareness on a spiritual, mental and physical level. With the completion of Reiki I and II and am looking forward continuing my education as I know that Heather will guide me with her methods of teaching which are thorough and supportive for the student.
I also recommend the massage/reiki package. After receiving the massage and reiki combination, it lessens the severe pain I experience from a hip condition which requires surgery.

Another situation that was resolved for me was concerning the problematic rental of the basement apartment in my home. Heather completed a clearing of the space and since that time, I have had no problem attracting good tenants resulting in a harmonious atmosphere in my home and a steady source of income.
At a social event, Heather gave Angel Card readings to a group of friends, and we were amazed at the accuracy of the information. The Angel Card readings are insightful both on one-on-one sessions and/or as an intriguing social event with friends.

I could continue listing the benefits from the various options but the best advice I can give readers of this testimonial is to book a service offered on this website. It could be the start of an amazing journey for you – as it was for me.”

 - L Campbell


“Heather’s intuition and abilities as a healer are truly a gift. Her peaceful and loving energy is healing in itself. A reiki session with her leaves me feeling so much more balanced and relaxed. The information and guidance I receive through her is always so timely and allows me to once again move forward on my path. I don’t know how I ever survived without her!”

-L Howard


"I went for one session with Heather and felt a sense of ease and expansion as I went to sleep that night.
It permeated my thoughts of all areas of my life...what a joy to relax into."

- H Faris (Bodywork Therapist)


"I am so grateful to Heather for introducing me to Reiki.  She has beautiful energy that instantly puts you at ease.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki workshop, it was a beautiful weekend of learning.  Thanks you Heather for an amazing experience!"

- G White


"Heather was intuitively able to identify areas where I had been experiencing difficulty.  Although she worked more deeply at times, she was able to accurately access my comfort level.  By the end of the session I was not only deeply relaxed, I felt replenished as well.  I walked out of the clinic with happy feet, looking forward to my next session."

- J Hanson


"I booked an emergency reflexology session with Heather because I had intense stomach cramps and a migraine headache and had an engagement I didn't want to cancel out of.  I felt remarkably better after she worked on me for just 20 minutes and would recommend Heather's gentle yet highly effective treatments."

A Barclay