Online Yoga Nidra Series

Date:  Feb 18th - March 25th 2019

Time:  Class link will be sent every Monday at 7:00 pm

Location:  Your Home!

Cost:  $63 for a 6 class pass or $12.60 per drop-in

Prerequisite:  None

What To Have:  Yoga mat, blanket, pillow, bolster (optional) and eye pillow (optional).


Week 1 - Intro to Yoga Nidra

Week 2 - Cleansing and Balancing the Chakras

Week 3 - Love Your Body

Week 4 -The Cocoon: Breaking Free

Week 5 - Connecting with a Spirit Guide

Week 6 - Guided Soul Retrieval for Healing Past Trauma

*This course is designed to introduce participants to the concept of yoga nidra and promote deep relaxation.  For more information or to register please contact Heather at or 403-703-6092